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Download e-book for kindle: 15-minute Italian : learn Italian in just 15 minutes a day by Dorling Kindersley

By Dorling Kindersley

ISBN-10: 0756609240

ISBN-13: 9780756609245

ISBN-10: 0756609291

ISBN-13: 9780756609290

Parla italiano? in exactly quarter-hour an afternoon you could converse and comprehend Italian with self belief, with this innovative new process for studying a language. the original visible method makes studying quickly, effortless and enjoyable. No writing or homework - simply use the canopy to conceal the solutions and try out your self as you research. Real-life examples hide each vacation and company state of affairs. Accompanying CD can assist you ideal your pronunciation. even if ranging from scratch or simply short of a refresher, there is not any more straightforward method to research Italian - speedy.

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Eel voloh dah algayroh ay een orareeoh Non trovo i miei bagagli. I can’t find my baggage. non trovoh ee mee-ayee bagallyee Il volo per Londra è in ritardo. eel voloh per londrah ay een reetardoh The flight to London is delayed. GETTING AROUND 55 4 Put into practice Join in this conversation. Read the Italian on the left and follow the instructions to make your reply. Then test yourself by concealing the answers with the cover flap. Buonasera. Dica? bwonasayrah. dikah Hello. Can I help you? Il volo per Milano è in orario?

2 Andare: to go Say the different forms of andare (to go) aloud. Use the cover flaps to test yourself and, when you are confident, practice the sample sentences below. (io) vado I go (eeoh) vadoh (tu) vai (too) vaee (Lei) va (lay) vah (lui/lei) va you go (informal singular) you go (formal singular) he/she/it goes (looee/lay) vah (noi) andiamo we go (noy) andeeamoh (voi) andate you go (plural) (voy) andatay (loro) vanno they go (loroh) vannoh Dove va, signora? dovay vah, seennyorah Vorrei andare in treno.

Andatah ay reetornoh Return? Sì. C’è la prenotazione obbligatoria? see. chay lah prenotatseeonay obbleegatoryah Yes. Do I need to reserve seats? T R AV E L 39 4 Useful phrases Learn these phrases and then test yourself using the cover flap. How much is a ticket to Genoa? Quanto costa un biglietto per Genova? kwantoh kostah oon beellyettoh per jenovah Do you accept credit cards? Accettate la carta di credito? acchettatay lah kartah dee kredeetoh Il treno per Firenze è in ritardo. Do I have to change trains?

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15-minute Italian : learn Italian in just 15 minutes a day by Dorling Kindersley

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