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Lea Brown.'s A grammar of Nias Selatan PDF

By Lea Brown.

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BofE) The negative connotations of this last example derive from the fact that the person is reduced to something that they possess and is thus to a large extent dehumanised. Here, the possessed for possessor relationship appears to be shading into a trait for person relationship, which as we saw above can convey strong negative evaluation. Metonymy types involving the ‘location’ ICM. Another type of metonymy that is rarely ‘neutral’ is the place for inhabitants metonymy, which evokes the ‘location’ ICM.

Many of the principles determining vehicle selection correspond to people’s everyday experiences with the world, which illustrates an underlying cognitive linguistic premise that language is by and large both a reflection and product of our everyday interactions with the real world. In this section I discuss some of these principles, using corpus data to illustrate both the particular pragmatic and formal features that they display in addition to the information provided in Radden and Kövecses’ model.

BofE) An interesting feature of metonymies such as these is that they tend to be used for expensive, high-quality products. It would sound strange (or even ironic) to say that she was ‘wearing Primark’ or that he decided to ‘buy himself a Timex’. As we can see in these examples, at their most basic level, producer for product metonymies involve using the name of a producer to refer to the product that has been produced. However, they can be extended via a second metonymic process (member of a category for a category) to refer to all products of that type, regardless of whether they have actually been produced by that particular producer, as we can see in the following examples: She took out the hoover, meaning to clean the house.

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A grammar of Nias Selatan by Lea Brown.

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