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Traces of the former nasal pronunciation which occur in the S dialects (in the regions of Kastoria and Salonika) confirm the as­ sumption that nasal vowels were preserved in root morphemes for a longer time there (see § 60). We can hypothesize that denasalization was hindered in the W periphery due to the close contact with Alb, whose Geg dialects preserve an entire subsystem of nasal vowels to this day. The consonantal system 70. ) r-r’ 1. A few marginal phonemes can be added to this basic system, viz.

Instances of the confusion of y and i are also uncom m on in the Ohrid texts of the 12th and early 13th centuries. In Bol, one finds the examples pticy ‘bird’ nom pi, uslysy ‘hear’ imp, which call to mind the pronunciation of u rather than i after c and s in R. g. those we have indicated, were more amenable to the pronunciation of a ‘hard’ i. There are other 13th-century texts, however, which show that there were already dialects in which this process was quite advanced if not actu­ ally completed.

Pbsalomb ‘psalm’, kinosb ‘tribute’ , Eg’iipetb ‘E gyp t’ , Pavefa ‘Paul’ in the Glagolitic texts), their appearance must be placed dur­ ing the period before the vocalization of strong jers was completed. But in order for them to appear then, it would already have been necessary for speakers to have an experience in treatment of originally inadmissible con­ sonant clusters. This could have happened during a transitional period, when the loss of jers in weak position was still only an optional phenome­ non.

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