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Download PDF by James Forsyth: A history of the peoples of siberia

By James Forsyth

ISBN-10: 0521403111

ISBN-13: 9780521403115

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Nusupbekov et .. aIth, AIma-Ata, 1979, voL 11, pp. 10<)-12, 150, ,IG 176--'7, 183-7,236,252-5,260-3,275-8,280-1,291-3,356,360-2. 2 SIBERIA INVADED: THE SEVENTEENTH CENTURY THE RUSSIAN CONQUEST OF THE URALS AND THE SIBERIAN TATAR KHANATE UN T I L the middle of the sixteenth century, Russian excursions beyond the Urals had taken place exclusively by northern routes. The rivalry between Moscow and Novgorod for possession of the lands between the Northern Dvina and the Urals, with their native population of Komi-Zyrians and Samoyeds, was resolved in 1456 by a treaty in Moscow's favour.

Unlike any other Siberian language Ket distinguishes masculine and feminine gender, and its structure possesses other unique features forwhich explanations have been sought in possible links with Tibetan or the North Caucasian languages. 22 Physically too, the Kets stand out somewhat among other northern Asiatic peoples. It was long believed that they were fair-skinned, with blue-grey eyes lacking the marked epicanthus of most Siberian peoples, brown hair, and straight or aquiline noses, and these features led to some rather far-reaching comparisons with West Europeans or even North American Indians.

11, pp. z, -480, 50z-3, 5zo-1. which stretched to the southern Urals, a similar pattern of penetration by Tunic peoples occurred. In the eleventh century AD the Kipchak Turks who occupied the steppes of present-day Kazakstan impinged upon the wooded steppe of south-western Siberia and the Urals. Their gradual movement into the forest pushed the Selkup, Mansi, Khanty and Bashkir people northwards or resulted in the assimilation of those who remained in their old territories. ; In the thirteenth century the Kipchak steppe and south-western Siberia were overrun by the Mongols and formed part of the Khanate of the Golden Horde under Batu.

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