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By Erica Reiner

ISBN-10: 3111000281

ISBN-13: 9783111000282

The aim of this examine is to provide a considerable a part of the corpus of the Akkadian language within the type of a grammar. This grammar has approximately the subdivisions favourite within the box of Assyriology, yet its association has profited from the grammatical versions and outlines developed in present linguistic study.

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See below). A further advantage of this statement of free variation is that it eliminates from the "phonetics" the treatment of a phenomenon usually called "compensatory lengthening", occurring for example in such pairs as ku$$u ~ kü$u 'cold' and described in terms of a process as the lengthening of the vowel to compensate for the reduction of two consonants, or doubling the consonant to compensate for the shortening of the vowel. :u/ and /ku:$u/ can again be grouped as one morpheme {kusu} on the basis of the free variation of length.

Members of clusters. With reference to clusters of a consonant and length, it can be stated that the clusters /QC 2 / (or / Q Q / , short /CC/), /:C/, and /C:/ all occur, but /CCC/, /:C:/, /C:C/, /:CC/, /CC:/, do not occur. 3. Inventory of clusters. List of occurring intervocalic clusters into which /C/ and /:/ enter: short vowel : VCV VC:V or VCCV long vowel: V:CV V:CV: VC:V: or VCCV: VCV: These can be summarized as (i) pattern with single consonant: V(:)CV(:), (ii) pattern with consonant cluster : VC both formulas may ay be united as : (iii) V C Π- e I} (0 (C) The combinations of the same elements into sequences *V:C:V or *V:CCV, and *V:C:V: or *V:CCV: do not occur, these being clusters of three consonants.

1. 2. 2. , in English an aim vs. a name can be established. V (glottal stop). , English /pléy+tòw/ for written . g. , see Reiner, 1964, 169. 3. Phones without phonemic status At the OB period the language had already lost two phonemes that are to be assumed for previous periods : /s/ and /w/. al>; in other positions, the same way as the glides [w] and [j], it is an allophone of the zero phoneme. V> are either altogether omissible or occur in free variation with each other. 1. I s / . 3 c).

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