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The phrases can thus be re-arranged to produce all sorts of misunderstandings, so let us be clear that the intended meaning of the other two phrases is that `attachment' is the instrument means method by which the mind is limited, and that the `waking state' is the circumstance where when the limitation takes place. In an in ected language one that uses case endings the relationship to the verb is shown by a su x appended to the word; our sentence would thus become something like: waking state IN desire SUBJECT limits VERB mind OBJECT universal FROM particular TO attachment BY .

3.  of the two men are standing, 4. , 5. The two horses carry the man to the tree, 6. Oh horse, you are carrying the tree for the man, 7.  from the tree, 8. You two are carrying the man from the tree to the horse. A The symbols for the consonants inherently include a following a vowel, for example ba ba is the symbol for the the consonant b together with a following short hrasva a. Thus the word bala strength is written ba;l. Note that the characters are written left to right, like the Roman, and that the horizontal line links the letters together.

Indirect object To for whom what? recipient, bene ciary, purpose of action. 4 Exercises a Practise reading and writing all the letters of the alphabet. b Practise sounding the full declension of bala and phala. c Translate the following sentences into English: 1. am phalaya nayate 2. a
svah. am vahati 3. narasya a
svah. phalam balayah. labhate 4. am phalani a
svam labhete 5. balah. naran phalani a
svena nayante 6. hatah. vadatah. ca 7. au gacchami ca phalani labhe 8. narah. at balayai vahati 9.

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