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Download PDF by Various: All Flesh Must Be Eaten Rev Core

By Various

ISBN-10: 1891153315

ISBN-13: 9781891153310

Input the darkish global of survival horror. The useless stroll between us. This role-playing video game helps you to play in an international infested by way of the jogging useless. the most rulebook contains principles for personality production, wrestle and every little thing else you want to play in a global of survival horror. additionally particular are the a number of crusade settings so that you can customise the kind of ''deadworld'' you must discover.

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Then reduce this to 17 Life Points -- the negative value is subtracted from the total. The special rule for treating 0s and negative numbers in Secondary Attributes only applies to those that involve multiplication (Life Points, Endurance Points and Speed). Essence is calculated as normal. 33 Survivors Endurance Points Endurance Points measure the character’s ability to withstand fatigue and exertion before collapsing. Like Life Points, Endurance Points use Constitution and Strength, but they also use Willpower, taking into account that some people can push themselves past normal physical limits through the sheer force of will.

At +3 or +4, the character can easily make a living through looks alone, as a model or entertainer. At +5, the character would be as comely as the top models, beauty pageant contestants and movie stars in the world. On the other hand, at -1 or -2, the person has homely features, or unsightly blemishes or scars. At -3 or -4, the character’s features are downright repulsive. At -5, people will be taken aback by the character’s appearance; looking at him will be a source of discomfort. Beings with inhuman features can have levels as low as -10.

Reckless does not necessarily mean suicidal, however. Acting on impulse no doubt puts the character in jeopardy, but doing something that is clearly lethal is not roleplaying, it’s just stupid. Recurring Nightmares 1-point Mental Drawback This character is plagued by terrifying dreams that relive some traumatic experience or are just frightening and disturbing. Every night, the Zombie Master may check to see if the character suffers from the nightmare. This may be done at the Zombie Master’s discretion, or may be rolled randomly (a roll of 1 on a D10 means the character experiences a nightmare that night).

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