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By Charles Margerison

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Have you puzzled how the Eiffel Tower used to be outfitted? Or, what it's going to were prefer to wander the streets of Montmartre 100 years in the past and meet humans like Edith Piaf and the well-known painters? As you stroll round the urban of sunshine, you're vacationing within the footsteps of fantastic humans together with Napoleon Bonaparte, Voltaire, Victor Hugo, Toulouse-Lautrec and Gustave Eiffel. in several methods, all of those extraordinary characters made significant contributions, making town of Paris what it's this present day. A urban journey not like the other, outstanding humans of Paris takes you on a desirable trip with those icons of 1 of the world's such a lot visited towns. you'll meet those that contributed to the song, the paintings, the structure, the politics and different important facets of the city's lifestyles. Come nose to nose with those that built the Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Louvre, the Tuilleries Gardens and different nice locations. stroll round the urban with the tales of the folk who created the websites we adore to go to. what's a BioView®? Your travel of the folks and locations of Paris comes alive via BioViews®. A BioView® is a quick biographical tale, just like an interview. those detailed tales supply a great way of studying approximately striking those that made significant contributions and adjusted our international.

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Example of Braille Reading Symbols © Dr Charles J Margerison - The Amazing People Club 48 Amazing People of Paris Louis Napoleon Bonaparte 1808 – 1873 Life has its ups and downs Born in 1808, I could remember the events of my youth France lost the Battle of Waterloo My uncle, Emperor Napoleon, previously a hero, became a villain The terms of the peace affected the people of Paris badly My family moved to Switzerland and I was educated in Bavaria Following that, I lived in Italy and later England In 1840, I returned to France to lead a coup, but was arrested After escaping, I waited till the time was right In 1848, the sound of revolution was in the air Afterwards there was an election To my surprise, I won about 75 per cent of the vote Once more a Napoleon was in power in Paris Within three years, I organized a successful coup The Second French Empire was created with me as the Emperor It was time to dictate the terms and re-organize Paris needed better roads, houses and shops That is why I appointed Eugene Haussmann He did a fine job of clearing the slums New properties were built with toilets This reduced the rate of infection and people’s health improved Many people were relocated to the outskirts My free trade policies brought more jobs and wealth Factories were started and created employment New railway networks made it easier to travel My aim was to improve the living conditions of the poor Although I was an autocrat, I granted workers the right to strike But, there were enemies at the gate Bismarck and the Prussian Army laid siege to Paris Dark days for our capital followed and I was deposed It was the end of the line for Napoleonic rule, but not for Paris.

Dr Charles J Margerison - The Amazing People Club 33 Amazing People of Paris Jean-Sylvain Bailly 1736 – 1793 Trouble had been brewing for a long time The price of bread had continued to rise People were starving in the streets In contrast, the King and his servants lived in splendour They had made the country bankrupt through wasteful spending Public pressure led to the King calling the Estates General to a meeting The First Estate represented the 10,000 Catholic priests © Dr Charles J Margerison - The Amazing People Club 34 Amazing People of Paris The Second Estate represented the 400,000 nobles The Third Estate represented the 25 million people of France Mainly the farmers, the peasants and the industrial workers They were the only people who paid taxes The monarchy, priests and nobles were the beneficiaries The meeting that started on May 5th 1789 was the first since 1614 King Louis XVI addressed the meeting and focused on taxes The poor people wanted food and jobs and fair representation Strong feelings were aired, but there was an impasse Absolute monarchy was no longer working Representatives of the Third Estate voted for a National Assembly The King ordered that the doors of our meeting place be locked Soldiers blocked our entry The lines for battle had been drawn We moved to the Real Tennis Court at Versailles and made decisions It was June 20th 1789, and feelings ran high The working people of Paris had elected me to represent them Paris was a city of over 600,000 people who were in an angry mood The high taxes and lack of food made them desperate The King, in his Palace, was isolated, and did not see their poverty The First Estate, the clergy, were protected The Second Estate, the nobles, were not starving We wanted liberté, egalité, fraternité, and food on the table The Tennis Court Oath was sworn by 576 attendees out of 577 We resolved to have a new Constitution By July 9th 1789, we had established a National Assembly A place where representatives, not the King, made decisions But, citizens in the streets wanted more They demanded action and some wanted revenge.

1760 – 1825 On the day of the French Revolution I was in prison It was called the Bastille That was the prison stormed by Parisians on July 14th 1789 It was later regarded as the start of the French Revolution You may ask why the Bastille was important After all, there were only seven prisoners held there I was one of them because I had forged documents From my prison cell, I could hear the noise of the crowd They were shouting, ‘Kill the king, vive la France’ I wondered if they would kill me also The Bastille was a dirty, rat infested, medieval jail The Bastille A symbol of the royal tyranny Previous prisoners had included famous names Like the writer Voltaire and John Vanbrugh, the English painter and spy Another famous inmate was The Marquis de Sade He had been locked up there for over ten years The previous week, he was removed to an asylum for the mentally ill The Bastille was already in the process of being closed I looked out on the crowd of about 600 people © Dr Charles J Margerison - The Amazing People Club 37 Amazing People of Paris They were mad with anger and had guns seized from Les Invalides Shots were fired and 100 guards killed or injured The mob charged in to get more gunpowder In the fighting, 98 attackers died and became martyrs The French Revolution had begun To my surprise, the revolutionaries treated me as a friend They gave me and the other inmates our freedom In the space of a few minutes, I was on the winning side From being a criminal, I became a hero of the revolution The Governor of the prison was seized and killed He was the first high-ranking victim of The Terror Paris was in the grip of revolutionary killers Many dark days under the vicious rule of Robespierre followed The new rulers executed people they did not like Crowds gathered to see the guillotine fall Many innocent people had their heads chopped off The deposed King Louis XVI was executed on January 21st 1793 His wife, Queen Marie Antoinette, was also executed, in October 1793 Executions took place at the Place de la Revolution Vast crowds would gather to see the terrible events Some crying as their loved ones were killed Most were cheering, as they were told the victims were traitors I was not pleased with what I witnessed The principles of liberté, egalité and fraternité had become empty words.

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